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Here We Go...

Hi, my name is Kaylene. Yep, it's not that common of a name, and you do spell it "ENE" instead of "EEN." Some people say Kaylee or Kylie, but now you know. Woosh, we got that out of the way. :) 

Why am I credentialed to teach and train adolescents on this subject? Here's the shortened version:

  • I have taught kids, teens, and adults for 14 years

  • I have attended wellness classes and studied books & research

  • I have my bachelors and masters degree in Education

  • I am certified in Social and Emotional Learning

  • I have created online content and curriculum for 6 years

*Watch the videos below for the longer version. 

Mental health, depression, anxiety, suicide, psychology, youth, teens

Personal Introduction

Professional Introduction

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