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Your Mental Health Story.

I have talked to many kids and teens that have gone through hard times. One of the tools for mental wellness is hearing other friends' and peers' similar stories. Hearing someone elses' experience helps someone feel normal and not alone. Would you please help "elevate" your friends, family, neighbors, cousins, classmates, church friends, anyone that your words and story can help?  

Guidelines for your story:

1. Where did it take place?

2. What state do you live in? 

3. Who was involved?

4. What was the problem?

5. How did you solve it?

6. What did you learn from it?

7. What advice would you give someone your age? 

* In submitting my story below, I permit Adolescents Elevated to use my story to share with others and on their website. 

For the first 10 story submissions (adolescents ages 12-18), I will be sending a free #AdolescentsElevated swag T-shirt.

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Thanks for submitting!
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