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SAVE KIDS LIVES: My Minute Tips - Emotional Intelligence

My business objective is to help bring simple tools to adolescents to elevate their mental wellness. These tips are for all ages and situations. Don't fall into the mental misconception that one needs to be broken before one does something. Do something for yourself today and learn a simple tool about your brain and becoming emotionally intelligent.

Dr. Dan Siegel explains that the head brain has 3 main parts. The Brain Stem, the Limbic System, and the Cortex. He teaches, if we can name the parts of the brain that are emotionally taking over then we can tame it to calm down. "Name it to Tame it."

When I identify a negative emotion that comes up inside of me, I imagine Dr. Dan Siegel's hand analogy to see the emotions taking over in my brain. Then I can calm down and not be so reactive.

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