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SAVE KIDS LIVES: My Minute Tips - Goals

October is my birthday month. For the last couple of years, I have asked for many birthday presents but not how you may think.

I LOVE it when someone achieves even the simplest goal, AND that is what I ask for my birthday. I ask everyone who wants to participate in making a goal for October and then share their experience with me for my birthday present. I don’t care if they have done it “perfectly” as long as they have progressed. My birthday is on Halloween, October 31st, so it’s the perfect gift to close out the month.

Please join me for October and create an ABC goal. Achievable, Believable, and Committed. I have written mine down on a piece of paper (Mapped out if it’s achievable) will mark off each box for each day (Believable), and I have now told you (Committed). Please add your goal in the comment section below, and I will be your cheerleader this month. Happy goal setting and happy Halloween! :)

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